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About Us

Creating Memorable Events

With over twenty years of event production, photography, and media experience, we know how to make your event successful. We help you build your event and preserve the memories. 

 We ensure that you will have the exact event you want. 

Corporate events, concerts, seminars, weddings, and even plain old parties, we excel at and will help you find the event schedule and theme that works best for your needs. 

Contact us to talk about your many options. 

Photo Portfolio Shoots

 Need a simple portfolio done? We can do it! 

For one sitting fee you get 2 hours, a copy of every photo we shoot, and the option of a discounted rate on durable permanent archive photo books to show off your photos.  

Need photos of your event done to record the memories? We can do that too! We do it at a much lower price than most others as well. Perfect if you are on a budget!

Video Shoots and Production

Already have photos covered and just want high end video of your event? We can do it! For one simple fee you get 4 hours, a master copy of all video we shoot, and the option of a discounted rate on professional grade DVDs or digital clips to share and preserve your event memories.